Recent documents in application also shows other OD-type files

When I use Calc (for example) and I want to retrieve a spreadsheet I worked on before, I hoped to use the recent documents. But, when I viewed several other OD-type files (ODT, ODP, etc) the list does not show my used spreadsheet files anymore. The spreadsheet has been moved out of the list.
My question is: why does Calc show all these other type of documents, why not just the spreadsheets.
Same for Write, here I was hoping to find only the ODT files. Instead I also see the same list of recently opened Open Document files of all types.
This doesn’t work. How to set the list of recently opened documents to only the type used for that specific program (spreadsheets for Calc, text documents for Write, etc).


OP: @DeMus

Hello manj_k,

Thank you so much for your help. This makes it so much easier to find the file I want to edit. Now it is in the list and it is not being pushed out by all the presentations we are getting here.
Thank you very much.


You may install the extension → History Master.

It will add a menu item

"File → Recent documents of the same type...".


See also these requests for enhancement:

Bug 56696 - recent documents list

Bug 61174 - Add an option to prevent logging of Recent Documents List; enhance management of the list