Recommended procedure to replace current with new version

To replace an existing version with an update, can one just download & install the new version as if starting from scratch (like a brand new user), and you’re done?

That is, is there any need to delete any auxilliary files (are there even any?) that may relate to the previous version?

I’m only referring to additional files that may have been created by LO, not about any document or other user files.


(I use a Mac, should that be relevant – i.e., if in any way different from doing the above on a Windows PC.)

IMHO, I think it’s best to add the new version and not replace the old version. Then if any issues appear you can easily test them in the old version, and even possibly roll back to it, until the new version is fixed.

Thanks, but at some point you’re going to want to get rid, if not of the most recent version (for the reasons you stated), of older ones.

My question was really directed at whether there are other files than the single program file ( on a Mac) that LibreOffice creates when installed, and whether you need to remove those.

Ok, for one, this tells you where your profile is. I’m not positive, but I think it’s used by both new and old versions.