Record Marco

Libre office 3.5 version or previous version does not have Tools>Marco>Record Marco option. it has run macro but not record macro. I opened a Microsoft office data set which had micros.

EDIT 2012-10-22

You can enable Record Macro as follows:


Menu Tools > Options > LibreOffice > General

:ballot_box_with_check: Enable experimental (unstable) features.

3.6.x (see comments)

Menu Tools > Options > LibreOffice > General

:ballot_box_with_check: Enable macro recording (limited)

EDIT 2012-11-29

4.0.x (LibO-Dev

Menu Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Advanced

Optional (unstable) options

:ballot_box_with_check: Enable macro recording

(see also → Release Notes 4.0)

thanks that made it available. – could not find this in documentation

Yes, that’s pretty hidden: (1) Getting Started with LibreOffice · Chapter 2 · Setting Up LibreOffice, p. 6 → – – (2) fdo#38509 · Meaningless text and missing Help for Options Dialog checkbox “Experimental (unstable) features”

Note that at least from v. 3.6.2 (what I’m looking at now), this dialog includes an “Enable macro recording (limited)” check box. That makes it a little clearer … but still not easy to find in the first place!

A fix for fdo#38509 has been applied in fdo#54699.

Thx manj_k :slight_smile:

Thnks, Its working for me

thx, it´s nice to know that u can cut off unstable features in case that they are not working with that checkbox

For LibreOffice 3.6 → Macro recording can be activated with a separate option: Tools → Options → General → Enable macro recording. This allows using that (limited) functionality without turning on the experimental features. · fdo#41865

L o. 4 does not have “enable macro recording” under Menu Tools- Options- Libre Office- general !!!
what now!!!

See above: “3.5.x…


On my libreoffice 3.6.1 I had to Preferences → general → and check “Enable macro recording…”