Recording a macro (keystrokes) in Calc v 7.6

I tried to record a keystroke macro in LO Calc v According to the help I found on the web it says use Menu option ‘Tools’ → ‘macros’ → ‘record’.
But this option is not available. How can I record a macro in this version of LO-Calc?

additional findings: then I customized the toolbars (tools-customize-toolbars) and I found an icon for ‘Record Macro’. I added it to my toolbar (from left pane to right pane) but when closing the dialog, there is no icon on the toolbar. :roll_eyes:
Any idea whats happen here?

  1. You need to Enable macro recording under >Tools>Options>LinreOffice>Advanced.
  2. Calc and Witer will support the recorder then. The functionality is limited.
  3. The recorder is not a key logger, and even less a mouse-action-logger.
    What happens depends on the situation found when the macro was recorded. The selection of a cell range to go to in Calc (e.g.) is recorded with a lteral address, and the running macro will never wait for your alternative interventions.

Thanks for the tip.
That enabled the ‘recording macro’ functionality incl the icon in the toolbar.
However when I’m recording a macro I’m running into an error while recording.
I’m currently not at the computer with LO. Will post more details later.