Recover color formatting in Calc?

Loaded Calc document after power outage. Clicked recover (even though I do not believe it needed to). Lost all of the colors I added for sections I need and I must recover them for my project. I cant just go back and re-add as that will take 4 hours I don’t have. I will make a bug report as well. I only lost all of the colors added.

TO BE CLEAR: The above is just an explanation of how problem occured and what prompted LibreOffice to ask for recovery, tho it is irrelevant to the question just like the attempted “answer” (which was probably confusing, which I apologize for).

How would one go about recovering color information / formatting in Calc? Is it possible to revert document to an earlier version? Is the information saved somewhere in Calc?

I have used LibreOffice for over 6 years and this is the first time such an issue has occured. I have never gone in-depth with the program and use it only in a basic fashion as there has never been a need for me to learn the ins and outs.

EDIT: If you cannot answer the question then please don’t. Assumptions help no one as well. I’m not pressured for time… I’m just too busy to devote 4 hours right now. Answers ONLY, please!

P.S. I saved it with colors about 20 times b4 this and have opened it about the same number of times after multiple power outages and restarts. So It’s definitely the recovery that broke it as it was the first time on that document that I performed it. It was left open every time as well.

My sympathy, but why would it be a bug of LibreOffice if you encountered a power outage that left your document in a state not completely recoverable? Save often, do backups.

I do save often. I did recovery out of habit. Recovery is what broke it as this has happened b4 but I did not choose to recover. That is not an answer. The downvote is not needed for being unable to answer my question and assuming I am in the wrong. The recovery did not recover anything that was not already saved, besides maybe two words and breaking colors. To reiterate, my choosing to recover is what broke it, otherwise if I had declined then the document would be fine. Only answers please.

Fwiw, I didn’t downvote the question, and I know my comment wasn’t an answer so I added it as a comment instead of an answer.

Quoting @Aevum11: “I do save often.”
Recovery doesn’t touch the last explicitly saved version as long as you don’t save again. Thus an attempt to recover will not by itself break the accessibility of the last saved version. If you definitely didn’t save the recovered version without the already saved some-hours-of-work colouring, simply order the last saved fila again to open and reject the prompt for recovery then if coming up at all.