Recover Lbase file

Created in LO HSQLDB in Windows 10. Just updated to 7.0.5 in attempt to fix issue.

I created a major blunder and over wrote a database by selecting “create new” database instead of “open existing” database. Can I recover the original database? Create automatic backup was not checked (I didn’t know that it existed). I can open the original database (minus the latest work day) through “recently opened documents” and I can add data to the tables but links seem to be messed up, saving does not work or the saved file does not show in file trees. Attempting to print labels from data using mail merge does not function. The fact that the data and file structures exists gives me hope.


Based upon what information has been provided, it appears this was a Base file created mainly for labels. And if that is the case, the data was not actually in the base file but rather from probably a spreadsheet.

Need to know the database used. On the main Base screen on the status bar (very bottom line) in the center it tells the database and on the left the connection. What are these?

Also stated:

in attempt to fix issue.

but you haven’t stated what he issue is/was. Still there? fixed?

What you are requesting is, I believe, “HSQLDB Embedded” in center and “Embedded database” in the lower left. I have returned to functionality, my problem is that I do not effectively scan and process all of the little pieces of data that are on a screen. Or do not realize that an option is what can help me until after the 12th or 15th review. I had not re-registered the new file that I created from the version I could open from the “recent documents” list and was missing the “new” button, expecting my file to already be in the list. Thank you.


Thank you for the response.

Not clear on your comment. Is your problem fixed?

BUT, could the version I lost be recovered (another day and halfs worth of data entry). The “Create new” I then saved as my existing name as I thought it had performed some system update. So the new empty database replaced my original fully functional database. I find labels to be the most efficient way to produce a readable output of data. But in this case they are created from a base table built from data from another four tables along with new data fields. This table is built to create the labels, which in this case are specimen labels for biological collections. So the only remaining question is since Create automatic backup was not checked is there any hope of recovering work that was done and saved during the last open session before the blunder. Your patience with all of us for who building the database is a means to an end but not what we really want to be doing is much appreciated.

Please excuse rambling answer. Summary. Database replaced by blank database by opening new database and giving it the same name as old database.
I recovered database structure by opening a version from “recent documents” list. Saved this to a new name and registered.
The “recent documents” version is from before I started the days work. The recovered file does not include data that was created and saved after the “recent documents” version was opened. Is there a way to recover that data? thanks again.


Overwriting a Base file using HSQLDB embedded would wipe out all data. You question seems to indicate there is data there. It may be helpful if you could post this problem Base file if there is no personal or confidential information in it. Do this by editing the question and use the paperclip icon on the toolbar (upper left of question).

Edit - Just saw last message. If you overwrote the Base file - then No. Need backups.

I will post in the morning, satellite connection slow in evening, I assume that you would like the current, partially recovered, version and an explanation of what I did to recover it. (PS I have checked that automatically create back-ups box now, wish I knew about it before.)

I do not use that automatic back-up function. Simply copy and paste the Base file to make a backup.

Will look at your file but not confident as to anything being saved out of it.

All right, here is what I did to recover the structure and older data from my database after, in a swirl of chaos, having overwritten the file with a blank database.
First here is the file, hope this worked. Plant Collection Database.odb

How problem created.
While opening database in the morning visitors came asking questions, while trying to answer questions I clicked on the default “open new database” instead of what I wanted “open existing database”.

Need to send this before 8am so explanation stops here.

I don’t think my days worth of lost data is in this file but I bet it is on my computer somewhere!

Continuing explanation from above.
Still not thinking straight I gave my new database the name of the database I thought I had opened and saved it. I am firmly against having default selections when opening a new screen/view to preform a function. (especially now),

After not finding any trace of the original file in my file tree. Fear set in.
While randomly trying anything I could think of I went to File Recent Documents.
From there I selected an earlier version of the database that existed before files I knew I had used after last opening the database.
This opened my database with all tables, queries, forms, reports and the proper relationships.
I tried to Save this to the original file name and could not.
I tried to Save As the original file name but could not.
I tried editing data and Save or Save As no luck.
I than Saved As under a new name and this worked.
My structure and data were good up the point that Recent Document link was opened.


I was able to edit and save data to the new file name.

I was unable to use other Loffice products on the data however. (I was trying to make custom labels)

Eventually I remembered or was reminded that the database needed to be registered. This took me longer than it should have. I was thinking I was using an old database but since I had Saved As it was a new database and I needed to check the “New” box in order to proceed…
So if you are in a similar situation there is hope, not a complete cure. But you likely can recover the bulk of your work.
1 Recently opened
2 Save as new file name
3 Register


Do not see any method to recover anything more than what is there.

Would mention HSQLDB embedded is known to lose data on occasion. This occurs most often on laptops with closing Base & shutting down the laptop but I have witnessed this with large data amounts such as images. You have tables with thousands of records. Firebird embedded or HSQLDB split file is a better choice.