Recover unsaved file.

I was writing a document, and then after I had finished with it, I hit close. Then, the computer froze, and I ended up clicking Don’t Save instead. The recovery pop-up that usually shows didn’t pop up. Is there any way I could recover my document? The program did not crash, it’s just the computer froze for a moment and then I accidentally clicked on Don’t Save at the Save prompt.


ended up clicking Don’t Save instead.

This action makes LibreOffice to delete the auto-recover information as well. Therefore there is no way to recover your file. The only path to a backup is open, if two requirements are fulfilled:

  • You have saved your file at least once
  • You took precautionary measures by setting Tools -> Options -> Load/Save -> Category: Save -> Option: [x] Always create backup copy (This setting assures a backup copy, each time a file is being save, thus the first requirement)

PS: You may get the backup directory from: Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Paths -> Type: Backups

I looked in the Backups directory,but there was nothing there, even with hidden files on. I guess I’ll just recreate it then.

Hello, you got no other choice, sorry for the bad news.

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