Recovery failed

I have recovery set to every 20mins (but no backup). I went to watch a movie and windows rebooted. I opened libre office and it offered me to recover my files. 1 file is the most important file on earth and 3 I don’t care about. I said yes to all.

After opening them the 3 unimportant ones load but the important one doesnt. So I close libre office and do it again. It offers to recover again. I say yes. The important file opens but it 24-36 hours old. Not 20 minutes old.

I close in frustration and think I’ll open the saved one. I open that and somehow its 6 days old. I’m now stuck with the 6 day old file.

I work on this thing 12-16 hour a day. So this is a major setback. Is there anything I can do to access a more recent version?

I’ve tried /libre/4/user/backup and there’s nothing there. there is no previous version to load. my resilio sync archive only has the 6 day old and older versions.

I am mortified. Any help appreciated.

Also posted on the OpenOffice forum where answers have been given