Recovery fails when windows 10 installs update

Since upgrading to windows 10 windows has installed 2 updates whilst I was away from the computer. In both cases after the update opening libreoffice 4.4 it has found document to recover but when trying to carry out the recovery it throws an error as the backups in c:\Users<account>\Roaming\LibraOffice\4\user\backup\ don’t exist. In both cases it was writer documents that were open.

I know it happening twice isn’t a huge sample but I’m worried that this is going to keep happening.

Anyone any ideas? Also if someone can suggest the best way to simulate an update to see if it happens again that might be helpful.

If I click ok on the error I then get a message saying:
Object not accessible.
The object cannot be accessed
due to insufficient user rights.

But running cmd as admin and doing “dir /a” shows no files, which I assume means there are no files as that should be showing all hidden and system files.