Red Border around Calc Cells

I am getting a red border around cells, and no, ‘Track Changes’ is not selected.

I am running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, LibreOffice Previously this change caused a problem with copying & pasting; only the first cell of a selection would paste. This latter problem has disappeared. Thank you.

Libre Calc Red Border 2

See Asked Before: Calc ver Highlighted Cell Color.
Please, continue the discussion about the color there. Thanks.

I think that the copying and pasting issue was not related with the color, but maybe with the last update you get.

I originally posted this under a discussion about red cell highlighting.

I was told to delete it and start a new thread. So I did.

Now you’re telling me to move it again? Confused.

Is it this addition Ubuntu 22.04 Adds Additional Color Options - It's FOSS News ? LibreOffice uses system settings for highlight colour and it seems that is also reflected in the column and row headers in your screenshot.

No, if do you think that the other question don’t solve your problem.

The pic is exactly what my LO 7.3 installation looks like using Ubuntu 20.04 defaults.

There is no rule that someone has to join another thread to ask a question.
IMHO I think it is always better for someone to open their own thread.
Of course, there is a risk that those who answers, a little more effort.
But in most cases this determination can only be made when the solutions are available.
I wish you continued success in your always sound answers, which I like very much.

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