Reference cell to left of formula cell

Am new to spread sheets, so I hope I explain my question clearly.

1/ I have two columns side by side.
2/ The left column’s cells contain data that will be processed by a formula cell directly to the right of each left cell.
3/ I would like the right column’s formula cell to process the left cell without having to have reference the left cell by row and column address. In this way, I can repeat the formula down the right col, and not have to update each instance of the formula with the row and col address of the column to the left of it.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Calc does this for you.

Say A is the left column with data, and B the right column with formula.

If A2 content is 3, B2 content is =A2*3, and you copy and paste cell B2 downward, you will get in B3 =A3*3, and so on.

image description

You can drag down the fill handle (the little square in the selected cell border) to achieve that.

See LibreOffice Help on Entering Formulas and on Copying Formulas.

Just try.

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