References shifting places

I’m about to go mad here, because I’m working on a long literature review with tons of references, and when editing this document, the references are changing places. Each reference seems to shift a few places backwards in the document, and for every time I add a new reference in the text, it seems to jump one more step backwards. I can’t find the reason for this, and need to stop using LibreOffice if this continues. Which is a pity, because it works well with Mendeley, and the reason why I switched from Word to LibreOffice in the first place, was problems with the integration between Word and Mendeley. I really hope you can help me with this!
LibreOffice Writer (I think - it only says LibreOffice here), english, Mac OS X 10.9.5 english.

One thing I would definitely do is upgrade to LibO

Help the helper to help you.

As for your current LIbO version don’t “think” which version you have but please check. See my advice in the 1 line.

Please provide more information on how you create your references - foot notes? end notes? something else?, I assume it has to do with the Mendeley tool you are using. Please provide information how this is linked to LibO. Can you upload an example file - reduce content or at lease screenshots of your observations. Please watch out for the content, this is a public forum.

I have the same problem. Is there a solution for this. Any hints about finding the cause of the problem?
I use Mendeley 1.16.1 and Libre Office on Kubuntu 15.10.

I have the very same problem, with Libre Office in Ubuntu 16.04, and Mendeley-1.17-dev2 Office Plugin.
I “normally” cite within the text and have a list of references inserted at the bottom of the document.
The citations only shift for some chapters. I have not found any structure in the bug.
Has anyone found a solution yet?