Referential integrity in Base

Is there an option for referential integrity in Base table relationships?

LO Base is not a database, it is a front-end application giving access to a database. It also provides an embedded database, based on HSQLDB.

If the accessed RDBMS (Relational DB Management System, e.g. HSQLDB) supports referential integrity rules, then Base will respect them.

However, Base does not provide a specific interface to define integrity constraints. They should be entered via an SQL statement. Its syntax could vary depending on the underlying RDBMS. Entering a raw SQL statement can be done from Base.


It’s my understanding that the TOOLS-RELATIONSHIPS… window in Base provides a GUI tool to define integrity constraints as well as mapping the foreign keys in the underlying HSQLDB database. It seems this is achieved by auto-generating the underlying appropriate SQL code (in the .script file). Can anyone else confirm this? There is some discussion on the AOO forum.

You’re right, it does that.