Refresh form with macro problem

I want to recreate exactly what the button action “refresh form” does but also return to the same record I was working on using a macro I can assign to a combobox event.

Can anyone tell me how to acheive this with some simple code.

The reason I need this is because I have two combo boxes populated from the same query and need to refresh the second one after enering in a new value into the first one or vice versa.

Any help much appreciated.


Not certain what you are asking for is what you actually need. I say this because of the noted `two combo boxes. Past experience indicates to me what you may have is a list in the second combo box dependent upon the selection of the first.

Please indicate if this is correct and if not just what the situation may be. Cannot say refreshing a form and returning to a record will be of help.

No that’s not actually quite correct.
I have two items on my form that have another attribute associated with them that may have the same list of possible variables.
For example the first item is a tea cup for example which has a number of possble colours associated with it chosen by a combo box.
The second item is a dinner plate for example which also has a number of possble colours associated with it chosen by a combo box.
I want to use a combo box to avoid having to create a list of possibly hundreds of colours by letting the user enter colours.for say the cup.
These colours may also apply to the dinner plate, not only on the current record but also subsequent records…do you see ?
Refreshing the query associated with the combo boxes as soon as any one of them is updated with a new value is therefore essential to be able to use the selection on the other one.

OK, thank you for the clarification. Was about to answer but there is another question because of this clarification. I don’t understand where this list is originating from and that can be a problem. If it is a separate table then can’t see how it is updated. If it is from this table then can’t re-extract until record is completed. Don’t want to guess here but seems you are placing multiple items in a single record & may be better in a related table.

Could you please elaborate on how the combo list is constructed.