Refresh/reapply an auto-filter in Calc

Consider a sheet like the following in Calc:

Task                 ↓ | Due by ↓ | Status    ↓
Grocery shopping       | Friday   | Not started
Do laundry             | Monday   | Completed
Replace kitchen faucet | Saturday | Not started
Plan summer holiday    | Sunday   | In progress

Assume we have an automatic filter, and in the Status column we have filtered out everything with a value of Completed.

Now we have finished another task and are changing its status to Completed. The row still remains visible, as the filter does not consider changes made after it was last applied.

Just clicking the down arrow next to the column header and hitting OK does not change anything either (apparently Calc does nothing if no changes have been made in the filter popup). The only way I have found so far is to change the filter, then change it back to what it was before.

Is there an easier way to tell Calc to reapply a filter to the current data?

Sounds like tdf#130770 that is fixed for upcoming 6.4.5 and 7.0