Registering snafus

Registering to I am told I can enter a code that would appear in my email. No such code shows up in my receipt email.
So I pasted in the whole confirmation URL I received in email into the confirmation box, and get the main home page of, but am not signed in.
Can someone please validate that what ‘users’ are told to do, and expected to do is actually doable and legal and operates the way it is said to operate? This is called the world of Lambda Calculus, functional real-world actionable instructions. In the mathematical world, these are called ‘proofs’, that what is said is actually true. Those who imagine themselves programmers should do not any less.

You appear to be a registered user. When you go to the home page does it show your user name at the top and “sign in” or “sign out”. If it has “sign out” you are signed in and should be able to use the site. If it has “sign in” click on it and you will be taken to the sign in page. Enter your username and password.