registrymodifications.xcu writing to disk excessively

Hi – I am looking at Win7’s Resource Monitor and note that the registrymodifications.xcu file is constantly writing to disk. Is this normal? I am doing nothing but changing contents of cells in a Calc spreadsheet. I do have a Macro that I run to sort columns but that’s it. Why so much writing to disk?

well - not sure that this is such a case, but sometimes we get useful bug reports wrt excessive disk IO. You could create such a report at bug tracker. Be sure to provide steps to reliably reproduce.

Thanks Mike for getting back to me. I don’t fully understand what this file does and why it needs to write to disc so often. I’ll keep watching and trying learn.Take care!

This is the file with all user’s settings.

This is happening rather often. I reported bug 111338 which goes in the same direction… All toolbar positions (incl. sidebar tabs, bug 67770) and color picker changes are saved to the registrymodifications.xcu immediately. For example: clicking a shape will trigger the visibility of a context sensitive toolbar, which ends up in the registrymodifications.xcu :-(.

Thanks Telesto. I read your bug 111338. You have it right. It makes sense to save the color picker settings related to recent color but not at the frequency that the program does this.

We encountered same issue. about 200 PC users on other machiens with roaming profile have this file “registrymodifications.xcu” constantly writing and dumping our IO. Is there a way to make disable writing to this file in configuration of Libre ? or editing some option in “registrymodifications.xcu” ?