Regular Pi and Italic pi looks the same

In libreoffice math, when I type %pi , I get an italic pi. On the other hand, when I type %ipi , I still get an italic pi. How can I fix this?
The same issue is with other greek and igreek symbols.
Libreoffice version 7.2 on zorin os

En LibreOffice Math, cuando escribo %pi, aparece pi en cursiva.
Por otro lado, cuando escribo %ipi , todavía aparece pi en cursiva.
¿Cómo puedo arreglar esto?
El mismo problema ocurre con otros símbolos griego e igriego.
Uso LibreOffice versión 7.2 en Zorin OS


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There must be a bug here. (see @ajlittoz comment below)
As a workaround, you can copy the π symbol from the Writer menu Insert - Special Character. Put it between double quotes to be seen normal, and without quotes to be in italics.

You could just precede π with nitalic so nitalic %pi to get the non-italicised version. Cheers, Al

PS I can’t link to Help at the moment but just look for Attributes in Math help.

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Just what I was looking for! Thank you very much @EarnestAl … Love you :kissing_heart:

Prueba para insertar fácilmente estos símbolos desde el panel: Símbolos
Activa desde el menú Herramientas
La opción Catálogo…

O haz clic sobre el botón correspondiente de la barra de herramientas de Math,
Y en Conjunto de símbolos
Selecciona Griego para las letras en formato normal,
O iGriego para formato cursiva.

Oops! Did I post in Spanish section?
Whatever, @Kyodake thank you. But I have already tried this method and my problem post was nothing but the output of the method you suggested. I think there is a bug. Because of the bug, libreoffice math inserts italic characters in both cases.

There is no bug here. Variables in a formula are formatted italic by default configuration. See Format>Fonts for details. If you consider pi not to be a variable, either customise formatting configuration (but this will impact the whole formula) or follow @LeroyG’s (quotes will change category to text) or @EarnestAl’s suggestion (explicitly specify formatting).


See also: tdf#142095