Relation Design window area is too small

Problem exists in 6.4 and the current
Windows 10 64bit

When using the relation design window, the total area appears to be limited to slightly less than my 1920x1080 screen resolution. This seems to be the case no matter what the resolution or whether I start a new database.

I am new to databases, but I haven’t even placed 25% of my tables yet and I have no more space to create relationships unless I remove the benefit of the visual interface by cramming them all together.

I have tried dragging tables to the edge, I have tried using the window resize tools, I have tried a blank database. I tried shrinking the screen resolution to see if the area shrunk too. I tried updating to the latest stable version of LibreOffice.

It doesn’t seem like a bug, but maybe it is? Or I am using LibreOffice Base for a task that is too complicated for it, since I can’t find this mentioned anywhere?


The area appears to be limited in size. It seems you are placing a lot on that screen or showing each table in full (each table can be scrolled).

Regardless, you can request an enhancement here - Bugzilla

Thank you. I will post the request, but it seems clear that I need to investigate other database options before I commit to anything. LibreOffice Base looks like a great solution, but it seems it is mostly used for singular tasks, rather than all-encompassing solutions.

It’s limits seem to vary. You can force it to give more space in a couple of ways, but it can be frustrating and somewhat random. I wouldn’t call it an actual solution, just a workaround of sorts.

  1. Fill the space you have completely, leave little room. You want it so when you add a new table to the page there is no room for it. Save & close the design window, reopen. Add snew tables. Sometimes it grants you a large amount of space to use, sometimes it moves all your tables and ruins your day.

  2. Drag tables off screen (it allows a small amount), save, close the design window & reopen. You can grab small slithers at a time this way, but again sometimes it moves all your tables and ruins your day.

It gives up space to the side much more readily than below, at least with my version of base. Ive increase the page by around 1/3 in each direction (over time), but, it has been incredibly frustrating when the system moves everything. From the other answer it looks like a feature request is the proper way forward. Increasing page size and a page scale function would be great.

I was facing the same issue (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Libre Office and came to this post. However, I have found a solution as under.

When the Tools > Relationships… window is maximized, new space cannot be extended beyond a certain limit.

  1. Double click on the title bar of the Relationships window. This will resize your window.
  2. Now drag the table to right or bottom (or wherever you want to extend) and the window will expand / resize to accommodate it.
  3. Save and close.
  4. Open the relationships window, maximize it and enjoy the uncluttered view by using scroll bars.
    This worked perfectly on my system. But reg Windows 10, since I dont use it, please try and confirm.

Thank you for this solution. Works like a charm! :slight_smile: