Relative formula in Conditional Format for All Cells

  • Calc version (x64), English (en_US)
  • Windows 10, English

When applying Conditional Formatting, each condition can choose between All Cells, Cell value is, Formula is, or Date is.

With “Formula is”, the formula will be calculated relative to each cell. For example, applying a formula of “B3<$H$10” to the range B3:E5 will compare each cell against $H$10, because B3 is the upper-left cell of the range and they each get adjusted relative to that one.

With “All Cells”, set for “Color Scale”, the criteria for each color can be set to “Formula”. However, using a formula with a relative cell does not seem to adjust the formula for each cell. Each cell in the entire range will compare the value of B3, as if it had been specified $B$3.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the behavior I desire not (yet) supported in Calc?

Not sure why this was closed. It’s not irrelevant or outdated because I’m encountering the same problem in LibreOffice 7 today. Can this question be reopened?