Relative paths for hyperlinks to local files within templates

I have a number of templates set up, and want a degree of interdependence between them. For example, I have a template for providing an estimate to a client, from which I want to be able to easily incorporate the current version of my company letterhead.

The way I envision doing this is by including “insert letter head here” text at the start of the estimate template that is hyperlinked (Ctrl+K) to the letterhead template. From there I can just copy-paste the letterhead into the new document.

I’m encountering a problem, however, when I create a new file based on the estimate template: the hyperlink no longer works. It appears that the path to template hyperlinks are somehow treated as relative paths, and when a new odt file is created from a template, the path seems to be updated to reflect the path to the new file, which of course breaks the hyperlink.

Is there a way to solve this? The most obvious solution for me would be a simple way to indicate that such hyperlinks should assume I’ve entered an absolute path. But if there’s a more natural way based on LibreOffice’s workings, please let me know.


I don’t understand the reason for the hyperlink. When you control-click on it, it opens an application supporting the file type. The letter head is not supposed to be a complete complex document: it is either a picture or som sort of table with varied information.

In case your goal is to design a set of templates based on a template (the company letterhead template would be the ancestor of all other templates) so that you need to change the company logo, address, phone, … in a single location and update all other templates, see my answer to this question. Note the proposed procedure is acceptable only if the need to update templates is not too frequent.