Relative spacing above and below paragraphs


HOw can I create spacing above paragraphs as percentages? I’m trying to make above Heading 1 to 100% and below to 50%, so if I change the font size, the spacing follows.

setting 50% at below paragraph works but 100% for above paragrah always resets it to 0.00". Is that a bug or am I not allowed to do that?



P.S. I’m on

On my, setting above or below spacing as %-units is misinterpreted and unit is understood as cm. Seemingly, %-units are accepted but when you reopen the style properties, you see the unit is cm. In addition, spacing is clipped at 99.99cm and the effect is limited to page height.

In addition, using %-unit is nonsense here.You’d like the spacing to be relative to font size. This is not the way %-units are computed. They are relative to the same parameter in the ancestor style. In this case, Heading 1 is a descendant of Heading which is itself a descendant of Default Paragraph Style. If %-units were allowed for spacing distances, you’d request a modification of the spacing in Heading.

Suggesting a new distance unit as font size may be a valuable feature request. Have your try at Bugzilla. Develop a convincing argumentation with a description of an example use case … and be patient.

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