Relocating and resizing images within a text document

I have been inserting multiple images (jpg) into a multi-page document and have been able to adjust locations and sizes without much difficulty. But in the last couple of days am encountering the following:

  1. Attempts to drag the image, or cut and paste it, fail as the image just returns to previous location.
  2. Images can be downsized but leave behind a blank area the same size as original image where text does not appear.

What the blazes is going wrong??

What the blazes is going wrong??

I don’t know what the blazes is doing with you.

Please specify to all inquiries:

operating system
LibreOffice version (four-digit, e.g.
file type in which saved your file

Please upload a reduced and anonymized file here with this issue,
so that someone can examine it.

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Thank you very much for your assistance.

Insert and edit images in Writer Part 1

Images are hosted in a frame which is a rectangular area removed from text use in the page. But if you attached a caption to your image, another frame is created to group the image and the caption. Frames are then nested and the inner frame is limited to the outer frame extent.

When you downsize the image, you probably interact only with the image frame and leave intact the outer frame. Consequently, you have now an enlarged blank space inside the caption frame. You can get clues about your exact situation when you enable in View meno the various hints about boundaries.

Regarding image position you may have the same ambiguity. You operate on the inner frame instead of the global frame.

Though dragging frames with the mouse provides a quick’n’dirty way to roughly position the object, I recommend you tune the final position with either a frame style (not obvious for beginners) or a right-click and Properties. You can then define precisely the position relative to some reference, e.g. the paragraph the frame is anchored to, and ensure that the frame will follow any edits in the same relative position.

Two caveats;

  • document stability is guaranteed only if it is saved .odt
  • don’t anchor your images To page because this is not what you think (it attaches to a specific physical page)

Attach a sample file for accurate diagnostic.

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Thank you ajlittoz. Appreciate your help!

For operations with more images is extension PicTool