Remote Files/FTP File Service cannot resolve host name - why not?

LO (x64)
Windows 10 Pro

I’m trying to setup FTP remote file service in LO.
I have verified FTP credentials/connection - works fine with FileZilla.

My steps:

  • Open LO>Remote Files
  • Manage services dropdown>Add Service
    File Services dialogue entries…
  • Type: FTP
  • Host: myftphostname (tried both “domainname-dot-com” & ftp-dot-domainname-dot-com)
  • Port: as specified by my host
  • Share: ??? (I can find no documentation concerning this field)
  • User: myftpusername
  • Password: myftppassword
  • Select checkbox Remember password
  • Label: left this alone, allowing autofill
  • Root: left blank, allowing default value ‘/’
  • Click OK
  • Popup appears: Enter Master Password dialogue
  • Master Password: mymasterpassword>Click OK
  • Popup appears: Authentication Required
    "Enter user name and password for:
  • User name: field is pre-filled and disabled (greyed out)
  • Password: myftppassword>Click OK

Error dialogue appears, as follows:
"The host name myftphostname could not be resolved."

Have I made an error in the steps I have outlined?

Thank you very much.