Removal of Java validity with latest version of W10S means LO cannot find downloaded Java runtimes in 32 and 64 bit versions.

I used your database for my financial records. I have just gone to W10S and it does not allow Java except under strict conditions and your latest download of Libre Office will not meet these condition. I thought I had asked this a few days ago but can find no trace in your asklibo

From what I can discern (gave up on Windows a couple of years ago) Win 10 S is for specific targets - namely schools. It’s designed to limit what can be run. See this post and this post. Seems only option is upgrade to Pro version.

No idea if this would work with Win10S, but you could give PortableApps’ jPortable a try, and share your results so that others could benefit from that. I know that at least in some environments (not that restrictive) it works (coupled with LibreOffice portable).