Remove a password protected macro library

I have a password-protected macro library in “My Macros & Dialogs” and several months ago, I forgot the password. I gave up on getting into it and re-created what I needed. Now, I’m trying to clean things up a little. Is there any way to remove that library?


Menu Tools->Macros->Organize Dialogs... then select Libraries tab. Under Location of My Macros & Dialogs highlight the library wanted and then the Delete button.
If you want to protect yourself from problems, this is part of the user profile. Make a copy before you start → LibreOffice user profile

Actually, as soon as I manually backed up my user profile (by renaming “\user” “\user-backup” and a new “\user” was automatically generated, the unwanted macro library disappeared.

It isnt "dissappeared’ , it still exists but now in path: …/user-backup/…

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I merely meant that I didn’t need to delete it, anymore, as part of my clean-up.