Remove blank page containig a page style change


Hi have a series of portrait oriented pages followed by a series of landscape oriented page followed by a series of portrait oriented pages again. Ie, some landscape oriented section between two portrait oriented sections.

I did that by using page breaks using the next page style. So far so good. But it happens that the last of the landscape pages contains a table so big that it takes ALL the space in the page, therefore the page break goes into the following page and I have a completely blank landscape page, wich I obviously don’t want.

If I hit Ctrl+F10 to show format marks and remove the new paragraph mark at the beginning of the blank page, the blank page dissapears but all the following pages are in landscape orientation (since I deleted the mark that, I guess, somehow represented the page break).

I would like to know how to remove the blank page, keeping the orientation of all the remaining pages.


Using LibreOffice in Linux Mint.

A page break inserted as you did is a property of the following paragraph, that’s why the new page is added: to hold that paragraph. You can see that going to the properties of that lone paragraph and looking at the “Text flow” tab. But you can set a page break from the table properties too: so instead of creating a page break with the “Insert manual break” route, go to the table properties and on the “Text flow” tab you’ll be able to set a page break with change of page style.

As an alternative, you can go to the last paragraph before the point where you need the break → right click → Paragraph and on the “Text flow” tab check a page break after the paragraph

Perhaps more fitting to the current situation, they may instead delete the page break/blank paragraph between the table and the next section, right-click on the first paragraph of the next section, go to paragraph > Text Flow > Add page break before and with the style they choose.