Remove chapter numbering

Hi there,

this is driving me bonkers… I think I am going to give up numbering my chapters… no big deal and it is not worth the HUGE hassle. However, I cannot remove the existing numbering too easily at all… I have tried from “Outline mnumbering”, but nothing happens. I have tried from Bullets and numberings / Options, but it seems that at best I have to go through the list one by one or, alternativerly, I need to go through all my headings, change the style and then change it back.

This is hopeless… Is there an easy and QUICK way to remove the heading numbering?

If done right, then removing it from “Outline numbering” does the trick. Unfortunately for you it looks like your document has the direct numbering applied to every single heading paragraph. Maybe using navigator (F5) would make the manual work easier for you?

In the end I did it by hand, one by one… What a drag!!!

Did navigator help you? Also F11 is a shortcut for numbering, using that would have made it a little easier.

Well, insofar as I used it to move in between headings with more ease. Otherwise… no :slight_smile:

Navigating is what takes the most time in this case, so that’s not less valued. But sorry for the F11, what I meant was F12 of course :slight_smile:

in my version (latest on a Mac) F12 is a shortcut for Bullets on/off…
Have tried different combinations of keys with F12 but got nowhere… (out of curiosity now as the problem has been “solved” :smiley:

As an aside, it seems that my problem might have been that many headlines had more than one styles attached to them (why?!?!?!). In order to make sense of them all I had to use “clear formatting” more than once on them. Now I think most of them (but not all!!) are fine as for a laugh I tried to re-number them.