Remove Comma to Start New Line For Word

Hello, I am using a new software where it gives me to ability to either import an assortment (over 200) of keywords OR copy and paste them. Since when I copy and paste them, they have commas and are not indented (start new line)… I’m wondering if someone could help me figure out if there’s a way to select the entire group of keywords, and develop of filter that will find all commas, delete them, and then indent (start new line) each word? So, In other words, I will have 200 keywords combinations with 200 rows

IF your copy/paste text looks like this:

key, word, and, another, yet, more, still, others, lots, apple, ...

Then in LibreOffice Writer (there would be lots of ways to achieve this goal, but I assume you want a solution in Writer since you’re posting here, and given the tags you’ve used) do the following:

  • copy your keyword list into a new, fresh LibO Writer document;
  • go to the menu: Edit > Find & Replace, and in the toggle open the “Other options” drop-down in the lower left.
  • make sure the “Regular expressions” option is enabled with a [✓] beside it.
  • in the “Find:” box, put ", " [without quotes!] – that is, a comma followed by a space (IF that is how your copy/paste list of keywords looks, otherwise adjust it for your reality);
  • in the “Replace:” box, put “\n” [without quotes!], then click “Replace all”.

You should get a result like this:


Which is (I think) your desired outcome? Of course, without a real sample of your situation, this remains only a guess, but I hope it’s a good one.