Remove dot between header "numbers"

I use letters (A,B,C,…) for heading 1 and numbers (1,2,3,…) for heading 2 and 3. I get this for heading2: A.1 and for heading3: A.1.1 but I don’t want to have the first dot. It should look like this: A 1 and A 1.1

I cannot find how I can change the separator in ToolsChapter Numbering.... Is there a way to replace the first dot with space?

Unfortunately you can’t.

The “inner” separator is hard-coded. As soon as you request several sublevels to be shown, Writer add the dot between levels.

A more versatile schema is desired by many users. In the hope to push things, submit a feature request on TDF Bugzilla. I’ll personally support your request.

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I created a feature request here: 154589 – allow custom separators in chapter headings

I added a comment with my idea about number formatting.

Sorry, I marked our beautiful feature request as duplicate of 67986 – EDITING: FORMATTING: Choose characters of each SEPARATOR between numbers in Outline Numbering from 2013. Maybe anyone can tweak this bug report?