remove linked table writer

I’m not sure whether to add to an old question marked answered or ask a new one. I can create a linked table in writer ( by using the following procedure.

  1. Open a calc spreadsheet
  2. Copy some data
  3. Put cursor in writer document
  4. right click; past special; more options;Dynamic Data Exchange(DDE Link)

The table is in the writer document and offers to update from the saved version of the spreadsheet whenever the writer document is opened. Very useful, very good.

But I put the wrong stuff in, and now I want to delete the table. Hilighting a cell, right clicking, and selectin delete:table I get the error “The structure of a linked table cannot be modified”. How does one go about removing such a table.

The answer to the old question was to save table as flat XML file, editing that file, then importing. I’m hoping someone can do better than that.

EditLinks to External Files...Break Link

Thank You–works like a charm. Come to think of it, charms don’t really work, but that does.

Edit > Links to External Files > Break Link