remove only font direct formatting

I have a document with many excerpts taken from elsewhere directly formatted.
I would like to uniform the fonts through the style manager, but keeping italics, bold, indentation and so on.

Is there a way to clear only font-face direct formatting throughout all the text (and footnotes)?


Create paragraph styles with the desired “fonts” and “indentation a so on”, and apply it to each paragraph without selecting text, but only with the cursor in the paragraph.

Thanks for your answer. Actually, the text is very long and there are several differently styled paragraphs. I’m looking for a way to do it all at once without going through each single paragraph.

I would like somehow to force “YYY style” to apply the font XXX instead of the directly formatted one.

The main level of text subdivision (below tables, frames, what else) is that of the paragraphs. However, the paragraph styles come with a set of character attributes not assigned as a package using a named character style, but one by one directly.
Then there are the text portions each paragraph may be divided in by (e.g.) specific formatting, creation of hyperlinks, textfields. Additional formatting can be done by assigning a named character style or by ordinary hard formatting. Parts of a paragraph having assigned a named character style may be subdivided in smaller parts with differently set attributes.
I’m afraid it isn’t obvious how to identify the font to be applied at a specific position after “direct font assignment” is removed.
Would you specify to sufficient detail what font to apply as the “not assigned by hard formatting” one at any specific position of the textual content of the document.
This done, it shouldn’t be too difficult to design a routine for the job.

Your request to delete all directly formatted text parts leads to the right way.

@Lupp may be able to provide you with a routine, let's see.
Regardless, you should understand the principles regarding styles in Writer.
For formatting single characters, words and parts of sentences, character formatting is recommended, and for everything else, paragraph formatting, if we leave out special cases like "pages", "tables", etc.
Maybe this description can help you to understand the methods:
[Professional text composition with Writer](

Th OQ stated, the document to ahve pasted in “…many excerpts taken from elsewhere directly formatted…”
That’s the typical case of “will care later”. To get such a document styled the professional way may be very laborious, in specific if charweight (bold) and posture (italic) are to be preserved. To start with harmonizing the font base may be a resasonable idea.
(I will most likely not be able to deign user code for the task today. And: A specification under what conditiions the “deafault” font should be taken from the paragraph style or from the character style - if present - wasn’t given yet.)