Remove the sidebar tab selection panel

Is it possible to remove the Writer sidebar’s tab selection icons (Properties, Styles and Formatting, Gallery, Navigator) and its menu icon (Undock, Close sidebar, Customization) entirely, or at least rotate that panel from vertical to horizontal layout along top or bottom border of actual tab?

It is that, with LO4, I could just press F11 to bring Styles and Formatting on the screen, then dock it to the right edge, and still have enough room to view a pair of A4 pages in their actual size on a 24-inch 1920x1200 display. With LO5, however, that tab selection panel appears at all times, eating the precious space just to display those 4 icons that I have no need for, making me to squeeze Styles and Formatting too narrow, otherwise only one page can be displayed, or I have to zoom out to 90 %; all these tradeoffs are uncomfortable.

I have tried to hide the icons from the panel, but it does not allow to hide the last one. Whenever I select Close Sidebar or Undock from its menu, it applies to the Styles and Formatting as well, which is not what I need. I could not drag it out with Ctrl, Alt or Shift either. I could not also find any option to switch it to horizontal layout. Finally, I tried to check Expert Configuration filtered by “sidebar”, but there are so many identically useless tunables there, so I could not inspect them all and therefore may have missed something obvious.

So is there a way to have the same comfortable UI in LO5 that there already was in LO4?

I suggest you report a bug. I was frustrated by the same problem.

Interestingly, in LO5, you can still have a separate Navigator (hide/show with F5) but the only way to show Styles and Formatting is as part of the new Sidebar. If they had implemented a way for Styles and Formatting to exist separately from the Sidebar, as they did with Navigator, then your old use-case would have still been possible (perhaps only with a change of keystroke needed).