Remove the text "LibreOffice Calc" in Title bar

How can I remove the text “LibreOffice Calc” in the title bar? Also, same question for Writer, Draw, Impress, etc. I am using portable and latest version of LibreOffice on Windows 10, 64bit PC. thanks.

Maybe you like to contact the developers?

Go to →Tools→Customize→Events:
change →→Store to: Libre Office
and attach to both events New Document and open Document
the following code:

def change_frame_title( *event ):
	doc = XSCRIPTCONTEXT.getDocument()
	doc.CurrentController.Frame.Title = doc.Title

events.ods (134 Bytes)
change the filename to and store it into path:

Thank you it works. But, this is temporary. The workaround was gone when I updated to the latest portable version and I had to go in and redo the changes. Is there a permanent workaround which does not get wiped out by a new update? Thanks.

Backup your …usef_config_folder out of your portable… and copy back after update.