Remove vertical lines

How to remove the vertical lines which comes at the beginning of every sentence when we press enter?

Another way Track Changes can happen is if it’s turned on in File/Properties/Security. If the “Record Changes” check box is checked, then changes will be tracked, and those vertical lines will appear at the beginning of any sentence to mark where a change occurred.

Those marks are just to help you know where your paragraphs are, most people find them helpful but some find them distracting, They don’t print or anything.

To turn visibility off, click View > Formatting Marks or press Ctrl+F10, or click the icon in the toolbar with the same symbol on it. Cheers, Al

Another possibility is you unintentionally activated the “track changes” feature. A vertical bar in the margin (+ a change in font color) is a clue you edited your document.

The shortcut for the feature is Ctrl+Shift+C. Pressing Shift while copying Ctrl+C is enough to activate. Do it a second time to toggle.

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