Removing all hyperlinks from selected text?

I would like to remove multiple hyperlinks at once from selected text only.
I have tried “Clear Direct Formatting”. Paste unformatted text is not an option due to bug 93646

Right click on one hyperlink and select ‘Remove Hyperlink’.
Select all the text in the document or the text that you want to remove all the hyperlinks from
Goto Edit → ‘Repeat: Reset attributes’

That should remove them all. :slight_smile:

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This worked for me.

I cannot find this option
reset attributes at edit list

Assigning a keyboard shortcut to Edit > Remove Hyperlink provides this functionality.

This is achieved via the dialog Tools > Customize under the Keyboard tab.

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I think my answer is much easier than assigning keyboard shortcuts…
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Tricky question! Less karma should be required using the following inelegant method which I’ve just applied with success: cut the text from your document, paste it into a text editor, make it plain text in the editor, copy the result, and then paste it back into your document. I got into this trouble into the first place because I copied the text from a web page, and LibreOffice then faithfully included the link in the document!

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This is ridiculous. Why on earth is this so complicated when in Word, I just right click and click remove hyperlink? LibreOffice has the capacity to be so much better than Word, which I have come to hate, yet they lag behind so badly. Just fix this shit and make it easier, more convenient, and I will replace Word with LibreOffice. Right now, I can’t because writing in LibreOffice just takes too damn long compared to Word, when I have to do shit like this.

I think my answer is much easier than assigning keyboard shortcuts or copy/paste… Hope it helps someone.

Select the Cell or cells you want to edit, then press: Control + M

That does it.

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this is brilliant. Combined with Ctrl A (select all) and Ctrl M it removed all hyperlinks - thank you!

I doubt this works in all cases. What this does is to remove any special formatting applied over a link. It does not remove the underlying hyperlink, meaning, you can still Ctrl-click on the link string but there is no visual clue that such a link exists.

Check with the Navigator (hyperlinks section) that the link are still present. See my comment in question 56630.

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