Removing header/footer from select pages in mirrored document

I would like to create a mirrored-layout document with different headers and footers on the left and right pages. I have succeeded in doing this. Now I would like to remove the headers and footers altogether from the first several pages. Each time I do this, it changes the page style in the rest of the pages, and their headers/footers become custom headers (convert 1, convert 2, and so on). I want to remove the headers from several of the beginning pages without affecting the rest of the document. How do I do this?

I am using version of LibreOffice Writer on Ubuntu 13.10 - 32-bit.

Note that the mirrored option is designed for use with a single page style (i.e., a single head/foot whose left/right margins and alignments are flipped). Varying head/foot content is best achieved via use of the predefined Left Page and Right Page page styles.

As far as I understand your problem you need to create a new page style for the first few pages.

You can start from the Default page style:

  • right click Default Style and select new
  • name the new style e.g FirstFew in tab Organizer
  • Select Next Style to be FirstFew
  • now set the header and footer format you want to have for the first few pages (no header and no footer)
  • click ok

Select first page and assing the FristFew page style (double click on FirstFew style)
Select the first page for which you want to have header and footer and assign the Default Style (double click on Default Style)

I assume now that Default Style has the header and footer format you want to have after the few pages.

I tested it using LibO on XP