Removing some of the transitions that do not work

I am running Libre Impress on a low powered computer and some of the transitions do not work or are very slow. I would like to remove some of these transitions from the selection menu to minimize user confusion and dissatisfaction. Is there a way to customize the transition selection menu to remove some of the transitions.


Click on Slide transition (Alt+6) in the sidebar.
Select the slide that should not have a transition.
Select “None” for Slide transition in the sidebar at the top.
Repeat this for the slides that should not have a transition.
Save your document.

If you are using LO 7.3 or later and it is the last 17 slide transitions in the list (the ones after Diagonal) that are causing the problem, they are OpenGL transitions. You could disable OpenGL effects so they will play as a simple transition without effects.

  1. In the menu, click Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced > Open Expert Configuration

  2. Search for opengl

  3. Just along from DisableOpenGL double-click the Value false to change it to true

  4. OK out

Taken from tdf#145910 reported for the reverse problem

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to Hrbrgr,
I guess I wasn’t clear. I know how to remove the transition from a slide . I want to remove the transitions from the transitions menu that do not work for my SBC installation. I could, as EarnestAI suggests, turn off OPENGL, which will make the last 17 transitions that use openGL work not as advertised but as simple transitions. In order to simplify the operation and minimize confusion, I would like to be able to remove the transitions that do not work as intended from the selection menu much like the TOOLS>CUSTOMIZE works to allow different commands to be selected for the menus. I thought there might be a deep expert mode that would allow this.

But thanks for your suggestions.

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