Removing spell check entirely

I work at a school where some students need a PC for exams. They’re supposed to use LibreOffice Writer, without the possibility to use spell check. I know you can deactivate spell check, but as far as I know the students can activate it again. Is there any way to remove spell check entirely from LibreOffice Writer?


You can uninstall it… if the boxes have no Internet connection (reasonable guess, since otherwise they could use online spell check), and also disabled USB, then there would be ~no way for them to add spell checker as an extension.

Thanks for the respons! Stupid question; how do you uninstall it?

It depends on your OS. On Windows, you run the installer (or the Add/Remove Programs applet), and choose Modify->Custom installation. On Linux, you use relevant package manager to find and remove relevant packages …

Thanks Mike - It worked perfectly!