Removing STYLE() breaks the formula

Hi all,
some times ago I received a precious help from this community regarding the use of STYLE(). Well, now Im facing some problems when sheets is read on dropbox or with other suites so I decided to remove the STYLE() option.
This works for me like a violin :slight_smile:


Then I modified it this way


Now the cell shows the value in C30, (the one marked italic). I mean, if I change the reference (eg C29) in the first COUNTIF still see the value of C30 in the second COUNTIF.
Which brings to my problem: I always see the value of the second C30.

Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance

You mean the result is the negated value of C30 if the COUNTIF() result is 0.

If the result is zero I see a correct blank cell, otherwise I always see the value of C30. It seems the formula doesnt take care of the first part of the formula

That doesn’t make sense as the result basically is COUNTIF()-C30

Maybe you formatted it to not display the minus sign.

As your COUNTIF() uses regular expressions in the Criteria make sure that regular expressions are enabled under Tools → Options → Calc → Calculate.

And as you mention “problems when sheets is read on dropbox or with other suites” that probably won’t work at all because other suites don’t support regular expressions.

Oh my…!!! My brain stopped to work. You are right. Sorry
The “problem” is the cause of this (no comment) thread. Should I start another question or we can gon on here?
Eventually how can I mark this as solved?

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