Removing underline globally for hyperlink prevents individual further editing

I don’t like the underline effect under the internet links. I’ll edit the “Intenet link” style. But then, if ever I’d like to change one individual internet link and adding an underline, I can’t do it.

Steps to reproduce it:

  1. Edit the style for “internet link” by choosing “underline” = “Without” => all hyperlinks are without underline as expected

  2. then, select one individual hyperlink. Type “Ctrl+U” to underline it: No underline appears.

So, I can’t change the underline effect anymore for one individual word if ever I choose to edit globally this style.

Note that I still can change “italic”, “bold”. There’s some inconsistency here…

You bumped into a precedence issue between styles. To understand it, see my answer here.

In your case, your step 1 forced underline removal, which is not the same as “no underline”. Your step 2 tried to add underline but is overridden by Internet Link because it is applied last.

The correct solution is to push button Standard in Font effects tab of Internet Link.

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