Rename Project File


This is a problem that all programs have, but it is really annoying and inconvenient to rename project files. You have to close Libre Writer, open the file manager, right click “rename file,” rename it, and then right click “open with… → Libre Writer”

It would be nice to go File → Rename File → you rename it and click ‘Apply’ → and then the project refreshes with a new file name. Of course, there would also be an option to choose the directory where this file is to be stored.

Thank you! : )

– johnny

Have you contemplated using File>Save As?

  • This changes the name of the current document (but does not delete the previous version).
  • You can choose whatever directory you want to save to.

PS: when asking here, always mention OS name, LO version and save format.

Yes. But that would only create a second file that I would have to find and delete.


Can you implement a button that does what is written in paragraph 2?

??? You know the name of the new file because you explicitly name it and you know the location because you chose it. I assume you know also where the first file is located.

No. We are users like you. For new features, file an argumentation at Bugzilla. You better be convincing. Considering the number of really annoying pending bugs and the scarcity of developers, emphasis is put on bug fixes rather than new features (which could cause new bugs).

Ok? Chill out, it’s just feedback. That’s what the forums are for

You don’t have to be so mean and condescending about it, it’s just a thought I had.

instead of complaining,

You’re really passive aggressive and not very friendly.

Yeah cya dude…

You know already: Feature requests go to

(Paragraph 2 of the original question, I suppose.)
Most users posting here cannot implement anything (changing the code of the software) because they aren’t developers.
Users like you who are probably capable of writing a few lines oif Basic code can implement the feature adding some steps necessary due to OS standards by such code and by customizing the respective menu with an additional item.
As so often: There are implications.

  • How should existing backups be handled? How identified if handling needed?
  • When talking of a project: Are there additional files belonging to the project that may lose the logical connection that was probably established via the name?
  • Shouldnt the renaming better be done on the level of poject folders.

Different users manage their projects, their file systems and personal naming habits differently. In the specific case it may well be the best thing to leave extras to “power users” and their macros.


Thank you for your comment, which is informative.