Render html to pdf without external images


I’ve looked around but no luck. I would like to convert an html to pdf, using the command line BUT skip/ignore img tags from certain domains.

Is there any command line parameter or any other option to tell the converter which images (and domains) to allow and which not?



Please edit your question because it conflicts with tags. base means you have a problem with the database component Base. common is used when the issue occurs in any component: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. Retag by removing common and base, then push the tag corresponding to the component you are using, writer?

Is your question really related to LibreOffice? Are you trying this conversion with Writer?

Don’t forget LO version and OS name since command line syntax depends on the OS.

Thank you ajlittoz. I’ve upated the question.

OK, but give more details on the procedure. Is the source file some .odt or simply an .html?