Rendering ppt in LibreOffice

PPT 2010, LibreOffice

I’m exploring whether I’ll be able to use ubuntu on my netbook (currently booting from USB).

One of the main things I do with the netbook is give talks, which contain many images/plots. These images are usually plots of data I’ve generated in Matlab, then copied & pasted into the PPT slide. For many slides/images, I cropped the original figure in PPT, and only want to show a subpanel of it on each slide.

When I opened these files in Impress, the biggest problems were with these images. In the working view, everything is fine. But in slideshow mode, most of the cropping was gone, and there were also problems with fonts. I’ve read that I can install more fonts, but does anyone have suggestions on preserving the original cropping?

In my experience, PPT display in LibO Impress is almost flawless. (PPTX is a different matter, and to be avoided.) This has been with a mix of text and graphics, but I wouldn’t say that my files have “stress-tested” this software.

I suppose if you are “live-booting”, you have to live with the versions provided. It might be worth putting Linux Mint 17 on a USB stick and see how it goes. (That’s a “release candidate”, but the final stable version should be along soon.) I believe that version of Mint ships with the latest LibreOffice bundled.