Renumbering lists

I have a rather long list of about 85 items that has until now been no problem. For some reason items 1 to 9 restarted at 1 giving a second list. I have not been able to fix this. I know how to restart a list from 1 but how do I do the reverse?
If anybody can help please do.

What follows are the result of suggestions made by Ajlittoz

Thank you Ajlittoz and I apologise for my lack of detail in my question. I hope the following helps.
The LO version is v (x 64). The OS is Windows 10 Home v1903, Installed 17.12.2019, OS Build 18362.657

I have used ‘restart numbering’ several times before but have never had to remove it. You seem to be saying that the restart numbering could only have happened if I had manually done something to bring it about. If that is true it was not intended and I was not aware of it.

You asked me to describe how I constructed the list. The list was created one item at a time when there was something to add to it. The numbers of the items came up automatically when Enter was hit. The next level was created by demotion as usual. If text was required without going to levels. I used Backspace to remove the item number and repeated this process for each line of text required.Most entries consist of a heading line and lines of text.

In an attempt to remedy the situation I went to the Format Menu and selected Lists and from there selected ‘Continue Previous Numbering’. Three variations of this that I tried did not work. This involved different positions of the cursor and highlighting the text, the text and heading or not. Finally the cursor was tried just after the number one of the list item where the ‘Restart Numbering’ took effect. All that happened here was that any lines of text under its heading line were numbered. The situation of having a second list starting with 1,2,3… did not change.

What do you mean by “remove the ‘Restart Numbering’ flag?”

I hope this fills the gaps.

Thanks again.

remove the ‘Restart Numbering’ flag: selecting again Format>Lists>Restart Numbering toggles off the check mark in the manu; this is equivalent to the former Continue Numbering in older releases.

Your approach with lists is what I call a “manual method”. This is one way of doing things (perfectly “legal”) but I don’t like it because it means less automated control on the lists I think the problems you experience come from this tweaking.

Accurate automated control of lists of the most difficult task in Writer. Though, this is my preferred angle of attack with dedicated paragraph styles linked to “list” styles (in fact a list-counter configuration style). Mastering it requires a long practice but the reward is automatic list-appearance change from a single location.

Without much information, I have to guess.

If a list (how did you build it?) numbering restarts, this results from a manual action on the list (the famous “Restart numbering”). Then, put the cursor in the item with number one. Use the menu or button to remove the “Restart numbering” flag.

How to do it varies with LO version. You didn’t mention it, nor you OS, though the latter is not really relevant in your case.

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