Repair dialog impress after autostart presentation in Libreoffice 3

I run an autostarting “kiosk” presentation in Impress on Ubuntu Linux. Normally, when I quit the presentation LibreOffice shuts down and the Ubuntu desktop shows. Pressing the on/off button shuts down the PC. Immediately restarting the PC poses no problem, however letting the presentation run for some time shutting down is still no problem, stopping the presentation with the escape-key. But then if I restart I always get a “repair” menu as if I terminated the presentation with unsaved changes probably due to some file stored somewhere that tells Impress so on restart. Which file or setting should be deleted or changed to circumvent this behaviour? It runs on Ubuntu 8.04 and Libreoffice 3 In the Dutch language and is not connected to any network so needs no updates.

Well, I found it out myself today… Adding -norestore in the startup script solved the problem, even better I now can shutdown by cutting the power to the PC and screen. After restoring power the presentation runs again without having to do anything.