Repairing document

When I click on document.txt the repair screen comes up. It does recover the file so i can read it BUT everytime i close it and go to reopen, the needs repair screen comes up again. I tried copying and pasting the text inside to a NEW open document .txt and saving that but even when i try to open THE NEW ONE the same recover screen comes up. What can I do about this to save the file as repaired??

The problem started after I updated the Libre software. Now, if i create even a NEW libre DOCUMENT., when I close it and try to open it, the same problem appears. The screen comes up that says document needs repaired. Is it possible maybe to revvert back to a previous version and maybe the problem will go away?

Try clicking Help - Restart in safe mode - Continue in safe mode and creating a new document. Save it, close it and reopen it. Does it still ask to be repaired while in safe mode?

Please also add to your question: click on Help - About LibreOffice, a dialogue will come up. Click on the icon just after the words version information to copy the information to the clipboard. Paste that information into your question. Cheers, Al

This screen was appearing very often for me as well, until I cleared some disk space on my computer. I’m not sure if this actually caused the repair screen to stop appearing so much, but it might help.