Repeat text fields (auto-populate)

In LO Writer, I would like to enter a mailing address below the signature line in a business letter, including four fields: Name, Street Address, City/State, and Zip Code. Once that information has been entered, I would each the text in each field to automatically appear in specific places within the body of the letter.

I have experimented with many combinations and variations of fields but have been unable to achieve the intended result.

Any advice or suggestions would be welcome. Thank you in advance for your help.

I tried this: I inserted four User fields: Insert->Fields->Other->Variables->User Fields. With each field I gave it an arbitrary name (just a label), then a typical value. then updated the value by clicking on the curved arrow to the right of the Value entry box, then clicked the Insert button.

Once I had the four variables, I could place them at other locations in the document by selecting them by name or label in the Selection column and clicking Insert. With the main menu View->Field names value unchecked you should get the user field value only, otherwise you get the user field name and value.

To edit a user field value, double-click on one of the fields, edit the Value box and click on the curved apply arrow to the right of the box.