Repeatedly pausing videos or sound files on a slide in Impress

There is a way to delay onset of a video beginning to play in a slide using customer interactions by setting two Custom Animations: Toggle Pause after Previous followed by Start on click. Is there a way to repeatedly cycle between play and pause any number of times? While in Slide show mode (F5) it seems that PgDn, Spacebar, and N all go forward and P and PgUp go backward. I was hoping for something like P for Pause to cycle between Pause and Play.


Maybe it would be possible using custom animations and pairing them. I’ve managed to pause the video once that way but I couldn’t pause it twice (on third click the next slide appeared).

Can someone with more experience please explain if it is even possible or not?

I’ve discovered a simple way to pause the video but you need to add a shape to slide which behaves as a pause button. You have to make so many effects like you want pauses. More info in comment 13: (LO and OO were still one back then)