replace line breaks in a cell also removes the underlying URL

I’ve got a spreadsheet with many cells with a piece of text that has a URL link underneath it. But all these cells have two empty lines as well that I want to cleanup/remove.
When I try to remove the two empty lines by searching for \n\n and do a replace with empty then that leaves the text in tact but it also removes the URL in that cell. For example in a cell I have these three lines:

Google (which is a clickable link)
empty line
empty line

But if I manually edit the cell, go to the bottom in the cell first and then press delete twice and then press enter/return the two line breaks do disappear and both the text + url link behind it stays in tact.

Working on an iMac.


probably bug tdf#89690 - Can not find and replace text in a hyperlink without losing links